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Hit your KPIs Faster • The pre - selected inventory based on proprietary TripleLift data helps you hit your KPIs faster, no matter how long it takes your DSP to learn and optimize. Tap into More Performant Inventory • Because we curate inventory at the placement level, we can offer more granular optimization and better performance – over 2x improved CTR. Access Scale to Rival the Open Exchange • Unlike a traditional 1:1 PMP, curated deals include inventory across thousands of placements and domains. Use and Reuse with Ease • Curated Deals are designed for easy activation. Activate one deal that can be reused across multiple campaigns, with or without your DSP's optimization layered on. Our HiCLICK curated deal, which packages only our most performant high CTR placements on a deal ID, now includes Direct Display . Pair a HiCLICK deal ID with your DSP's optimization settings to knock your KPIs out of the park . Direct Display Brings Quality to Banner Buys • Direct Publisher Relationships — Bring quality to your banner buys with our direct relationships with publishers — no resellers taking added fees. • Brand Safe — thanks to our NewsGuard partnership, we remove news sites from our platform that have been flagged for misinformation, hate speech, and other malicious content. • Lowest Fraud Rates — 99% fraud free inventory across display, in partnership with HUMAN. Reach out to your TripleLift partner to activate today. TripleLift's HiCLICK Curated Deal Now Includes Direct Display Premium Publishers Benchmark Avg. Monthly Avails 0.1% 130b+

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