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Geolocation Studies at TripleLift

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Geolocation Studies at TripleLift Geolocation studies measure the impact media had on offline visits to your client's store locations What questions does this answer? • Did the media drive incremental store visits? • What is the visit rate of those exposed to the media? • Which ad format drove consumers to the store most effectively? • What campaign tactics and segments were most efficient? • How long does it take for a consumer to visit a store post - exposure? • What time and day of the week are users more likely to convert? • What locations receive more foot traffic post - exposure? • What is the optimal frequency for conversion? What do I need in order to execute? Feasibility: • Media Plan: Volume of impressions, addresses of stores measured flight dates, etc. • Length of Flight should be >2 Weeks depending on store penetration Consultation: • Desired Data Outputs: e.g. creative, targeting or ad format breakouts • Evaluate testing criteria What does the output look like? Who does TripleLift partner with? TripleLift Preferred Partner Additional Vendors Wrap up report includes linked store visits, incremental store visits, demographic results and industry benchmarks. Store Visits 880,698 Store Visits – 30 Days $0.61 Cost Per Store Visit 1.64% Store Conversion Rate = x 53,545,428 Impressions 38.67% Lift 245,583 Lift Store Visits $2.18 Cost Per Lift Store Visit = / 1.64% Exposed – Store Conversion Rate 1.19% Unexposed – Store Conversion Rate Lift Confidence 99.00%

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